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Paola di Altobello
Home Up Past litters Mikela Ronin Kira Centra Royce Celeste Salute Kareliya Lucious Rambo Solo Lavina India Betelges Navarro Chaz Farika Kimi Kimber Orion JRCH Ali IPO-1 Ruby CWC BH ZTP Ginger Tamara Holly CH Imron IPO-1 Echo Mike Maximus Graf Trick Grace Frankie Boris Sol CAC Rea Paola di Altobello Paola Naiss Ginga House Jewell CAC Odessa BH Rue Haidi Farra Nika BH Karma Haley Hershey Lotus Whitney Waldo Zampieri Tug Vesago Stanley Elsa Diablo Panzer Jinx Hawkeye Grissom Kahn Nike Powder Durango Athena ZTP Andre Piper Medeia DD Iskra Francy Raven Night Vada Vince Madde Gunny Lorraine Penelope Priss Cora Anastasia Jade Brooklyn Born Wild Texas BH Celesta Heika Ruby Toosday Best Ever Gipsy Prada Kasy Cali Hadley Karma CH Zenka IPO-1 CoCo Oxa IPO-1 Varia CH Escada IPO-1 Prinz Sheba Lexi rex.htm Solomon




Paola Di Altobello


Paola di Altobello
Paola di Altobello


Zola By Free Half


Still competing and winning! Watch for more titles!

vg1. Young Club Winner


Balkan club Sieger

Gino Gomez del Citone

  • Welt Sieger
  • DV Sieger
  • IDC Sieger
  • SchH III
  • FH - ZTP 1A
  • Angekort 1A
  • vWD Clear
Astor del Citone

black male LOI DS 144318 
SchH 1, ZTP V1A, HD-A
(1994 - 2001)
Arielle d'Amour Del Citone


World Champion!

Barbika Barbie Renewal

Her full brother is :
Baron Nike Renewal

  • 18xCAC
  • 15xBOB
  • 7xCACIB
  • Youth Vice Eurosieger (WIBLISHAUSER)
  • IDC Sieger 98 (PEZZANO)
  • V1 Eurosieger'98 (WIBLAISHAUSER)
  • V1 European Dog Show '98 (MARCIETTI)
  • ODK Austrian Club Sieger (HERMAN MENCKE)
  • Yugoslavian Club Champion
  • V1, BOB Special Dobermann Show, Yugoslavia
    (M. Dalgaard)
  • V1, CAC, Club Winner Hungarian Dobermann Club Championship 2000, October 28 (F.Striby)
  • Dobermann Championship 2000
  • International Champion
  • Yugoslav Champion
  • Hungarian Champion
  • Hungarian Clubsieger
  • 5x best Progeny Group
  • Schutzhund 1, HD-Free


Prinz v. Norden Stamm

HD: A-1

IntCh, ItCh, AIAD Sg

Borana Sawages

ChYu HuCh Yu Club Sg


Nebrasca Dolly di Altobello

HD: B-1


Still competing and winning! Watch for more titles!


Candidate for Champion Serbia and Montenegro


V-1 CAC Intermedia class - International show CACIB Bar, MONTENEGRO

V-1 CAC Intermedia class - Night show (national) CAC Petrovac, MONTENEGRO

V-1 CAC Intermedia class - National show CAC Golubovci, MONTENEGRO



Tyson di Campovalano


Ch. It - Ch. AIAD

Gamon di Campovalano

World JSg, '91,IDC Sg, DV JSgr, IntCH
IPO II SchH III ZTP-V1A excellent HD-A PHTVL/PHPV-free

World Champion!

Matisse Di Casa Balestrieri

Nadja Nikita Altobello

  • INT CH
  • - CH YU
  • - 4xCACIB, 3xR.CACIB, 10xCAC
  • - BOB, BOG, Rez BIS
  • - IPO-1, HD-1
  • World Champion!
Playboy Altobello

  • INT CH, CH YU, IPO 1
  • 3 X CACIB, 20 CAC, 12 X BOB, BOG
  • V1 DOBERMANN CUP YU '97 ( Pezzanno)
  • V1 DOBERMANN CUP HUNGARY '98 ( Van Rosbroek )
  • V1 EURO DOG SHOW GENOVA '98 ( Marrotti )
  • V1 CH CLASS YU DOBERMANN CUP '99 ( Avi Marshak)
  • World Champion!
Berta Dobson



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