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A word about color

Let me share with you some facts about the four recognized Doberman colors. Blue is a dilution of black, and fawn is a dilution of red. All four colors are recognized and can compete in all AKC sanctioned events and shows. Some have done very well. They also can compete in other sports such as Schutzhund etc. Some people believe the dilute Dobermans i.e. blues and fawns to be inferior genetically and state they should not be bred, owned etc. They will tell you they will automatically have all kinds of health problems and die early. Those are ridiculous statements unfounded by research and fact. Here is an example to help illustrate the point. I have brown hair, I am balding, and at high risk for diabetes. Arguments against dilute Dobermans are the same as saying my brown hair caused my baldness and diabetes. The three are completely unrelated. It is the same with Dobermans. The genes that cause the change in hair color are not the same genes that cause other problems. Here is where those statements come from though. There are some very poor quality blue Dobermans out there and some poor fawn colored Dobermans as well though blues seem to be the ones most picked on. Many of them have thyroid problems, skin problems etc. Thyroid problems are the result of poor breeding selection, not blue coats. It is possible to get good dilute colored Dobermans, we have proved it with a successful breeding program that included using a very healthy and balanced fawn Doberman stud. If you buy good Dobermans, they are never the wrong color. Buy Dobermans that come from healthy parents and you will have healthy Dobermans. Buy an inbred inferior dilute colored Doberman from an uninformed or unprofessional breeder and you will have one of the Dobermans that anti-dilute proponents hold up to the world and say "See they are bad!" It is not the color that made the Doberman bad, it was poor breeding selection. My fawn Doberman had a thicker fuller coat than any Doberman I had owned, he produced full coated Doberman puppies, free of the problems people say dilution causes. Look at it all in perspective, there are also really poor quality black and red Dobermans out there, but people don't go around claiming that their coat color was the reason. The exception to this rule is the white Doberman, which is not a dilution gene, it is the absence of a color gene. The white itself is not the problem, it is how the eyes and skin are affected that causes the problems.  We have since retired our fawn stud when we went back to the foundation European Doberman lines. These lines are only carriers of Black dominantly, and red occasionally. We will have black Dobermans available always and red Dobermans from time to time.

Approved colors: Click for full size image

Rainbow Litter, thanks Sasha

Fawn "Apollo"

Red "Graf Gras"

Black "Fiji" and the famous Slobodan

Blue "Anakin"



In 1980's the white Doberman made it's appearance and it has been found that the white gene is a separate gene, and is located at a different genetic site (locus) than the color (B) and dilution (D) that is the basis of the four allowed colors for the Doberman. The white gene does not interfere with these four known colors of the Doberman and does not need to be included in the color chart.

The white Doberman is considered an incomplete or partial albino. The dogs have blue eyes and are cream colored with light tan markings. The dogs suffer from photo phobia (photosensitive). This means the dogs cannot tolerate light, often closing their eyes and bumping into objects when put in unfamiliar surroundings. Their temperaments range from being very shy to fear biters. These are not the attributes a responsible breeder or one that is familiar with the criteria of a working dog wish to produce or perpetuate.

WARNING: The white Doberman is NOT considered to be of great value (charging more/more expensive) by Responsible Breeders. Responsible Breeders DO NOT include the white Doberman in their breeding stock/programs.

The WHITE color is a DISQUALIFICATION and these dogs CANNOT COMPETE in the conformation ring.

Temple Grandin, Animal Behaviorist, in her book "Animals in Translation" (fantastic book by the way) writes about the behavior of Albino animals not being natural, and goes on specifically to say "I am definitely against humans doing things like deliberately breeding albino Doberman Pinschers because they look so pretty. These animals are not normal, and they suffer. People who own Albino Dobermans report that the dogs have poor vision, intolerance to sunlight, skin lesions and problems with temperament usually aggression. In one survey 11 percent of the owners said that their dogs had bitten people. That's an enormously high number considering how rare dog bites are in comparison to the number of dogs living with humans."

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